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Haute Shots is a team of women who came together out of their mutual love for art, beauty, passion and community. Our team is unique – we have been together for almost a decade and could write a whole book on the experiences we’ve had together. From personal art projects, hosting elaborate photography workshops to coming super close to having our own reality show, our team has tackled every crazy idea we think up as well as any that has been brought to us. Every session for us is a chance to grow even closer as a team, to welcome our clients into our community and be inspired by our muses (you!). We love sharing our world with our clients and can promise that there is never a dull moment when spending time with us.

We hope to empower our clients by creating a safe and fun community to express their beauty & sensuality through photography. We are here to help others on their personal journey to feeling more confident, sexy and desirable.

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