Where are you located?
Haute Shots is based in Las Vegas, NV. Stacie is also available for destination sessions as well and can travel to you worldwide. For information on destination session please contact us.

Where are the Haute Shots photo shoots done?
With a global clientele, many of our clients already have hotel suites so we have grown quite fond in using luxury hotel suites with fashionable decor suitable for our stylish shoots.

How many people will be present for my shoot?
Your privacy is always respected before, after and during your boudoir shoot. The only people on set are Stacie and Kat and Rachel of Hera Beauty. During your session only Stacie and Kat are present. Rachel leaves after doing your hair and Kat says to assist.

This is your time to shine and we don’t want anything or anyone interfering with that. Extra eyes can make you feel a bit more self conscious, so we limit that for your comfort level. This also applies to anyone you might consider bringing to your session. The only people we allow on set are people in the photoshoot. Husbands and boyfriends are not allowed, sorry. Trust me on this one, it never works. I need your full attention and they have a tendency to pull it away. Plus, having extra bodies there makes our job a bit more difficult since we are normally working in small spaces (like hotel rooms), so you can imagine that would be bit awkward for us.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot with me?
Yes, but only if you have both scheduled a shoot. While bringing a friend might sound like a good idea, it usually makes the subject (you) more self conscious, unless the friend is doing a photo session as well and has prepared the same way you have.

I looked over your collections but I can’t find information on pricing? How much does this cost?
Our rates are incredibly fair for professional photography and our price list is available to all who inquire. Please email us and we will be happy to address any questions that you have and provide you with a current pricing structure.

Do you ever run specials for sessions?
On rare occasions. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about new specials and promotions.

What is the difference between a beauty session and a boudoir shoot?
The main difference is your wardrobe. Beauty sessions showcase your beauty in gorgeous attire such as dresses (from casual to formal), although pretty slips can look amazing as well.
Boudoir sessions are geared more towards lingerie. Beauty sessions are generally just for the woman being photographed, while boudoir sessions are often gifted to a man. Beauty sessions are great for your Facebook profile or dating web sites and are a complete celebration of your beauty. Both beauty and boudoir sessions show you at your very best.

I would love to do a sexy boudoir shoot but I do not want my face to be displayed on your web site. Will my privacy be assured?
Your privacy is held in the highest regard. Haute Shots owns the copyright to all of the images Stacie shoots (this is non-negotiable). For boudoir sessions, you decide whether your images are to remain completely private or can be used in Stacie’s portfolio of work in anonymous style images only or in their entirety. This option will be presented to when your sign your model release form.

Are the women in your portfolio all models?
Stacie has only done a handful of shoots with models so you are mostly seeing clients who are every day women with no experience in front of a camera on her website and blog. However, she has a knack for making the girl next door look like she walked off the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. In fact, after doing a session with her, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to model for real! Because of this, most of Stacie’s clients come back for shoots again and again. It’s quite addictive!

Is it normal to be nervous?
Yes, most clients are a bit nervous leading up to their session. This is perfectly normal. It’s excited energy though and you can rest assured that you will be surprised at how quickly the nerves are put to ease during your session. Being pampered by Hera Beauty is the first step towards relaxing you, then you will be in good hands with Stacie during your shoot as she coaches and directs you so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. It’s fun, you’ll see!

I don’t know how to pose. How will I know what to do?
We know modeling is new for our clients and we are highly skilled at directing you to look your best. Rest assured, Stacie will be there to guide and coach you throughout the entire shoot.

I am not a size 2, is Boudoir for me?
Of course it is! Boudoir is for women of all shapes and sizes. Every woman has a unique beauty that Stacie is thrilled to capture. She has a deep understanding of how to pose women in their most flattering angles and uses lighting and retouching techniques to sculpt your body while highlighting your best assets. Don’t wait until you drop a dress size or two. Celebrate yourself now. You deserve it.

Will my photos be retouched? And what exactly does that mean?
All photos ordered for product will most definitely be retouched. Stacie does not allow unretouched photos out of her control. Digital retouching adds a certain magic to the photos. It’s the finishing touch on your work of art. Retouching not only enhances your beauty but also reduces imperfections. We are flooded with retouched images of perfection on a daily basis by the media. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see themselves this way too! Stacie does not believe in heavy retouching though. She wants the real YOU to shine through loud and clear. Skin will glow and will be smoothed (blemishes &/or cellulite will be removed), bulges from undergarments will be nudged in, eyes will sparkle and the image will pop. If you require extra retouching, such as removing items in the background or fixing spray tan color shift, tan lines, or removing tattoos, there will be an extra charge for this, as it is incredibly time consuming.

I’m uncomfortable with my stomach due to childbirth or other circumstances. How can we camouflage this?
Well, it begins with making sure you decide on wardrobe that you feel absolutely beautiful in. Make sure when you try it on that you practice poses other than standing to see how your body looks in different positions in each piece. If you are extra worried about this area, we encourage you to just go ahead and cover it up. There are gorgeous lingerie options that provide ample coverage now from shape wear to corsets and teddies, to slips. So, go ahead and experiment with different looks when selecting your lingerie.

We do retouch cellulite and stretch marks and gently reshape areas that might be protruding from undergarments that may push in, for instance,  but to completely reconstruct an area like this digitally, we would need to outsource the retouching at a higher rate.

How long before I will receive the proofs or products from my shoot?
All sessions are processed in the order that they are taken. It takes up to 2 weeks to process all of the images and create your personal online viewing gallery of proofs. You then select your final images for products then digital retouching generally takes 1 week to complete. Product vendors take approxiatemely 2-6 weeks depending on the product ordered. If you are just ordering prints our lab takes approxiatmely 1 one week or so to print and ship it back to us. We use one of the top professional print labs in the country and there are many printing options that are available including UV coating, metallic photo paper, fine art prints, etc. You will see examples of our products in our Welcome Guide upon initial inquiry.

PLEASE NOTE that these are the average processing times and factors such as my shoot schedule and time of year may increase processing times. If you need your photos in shorter time period there is Rush Service available for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Is having prints made required or can I just get photos that I can use online (web ready)?
You do not need to have prints made, although nearly all of our clients that thought they would not want prints changed your mind after seeing their portraits from their session. Haute Shots owns the rights to all photos and you may only publish photos with our watermark on the web or anywhere else unless you have expressed written permission from us.

I need pictures for a web site or other commercial venture. Do you offer photos without your watermark?
Yes, we do offer special sessions that include a release for commercial, or web use. The images delivered to you will not have the Haute Shots watermark on them. Other conditions may apply so please inquire.

I found this really great picture from a magazine and was wondering if you can get a shot like that of me?
Yes. We want your session to be a collaboration of your ideas as well as Stacie’s so if you find inspiration online or from a fashion magazine, please email them to Stacie or bring them to your session. Try not to go overboard with this though as it can get in the way of the flow of poses during your session. Please know that Stacie will not duplicate a photo exactly. The lighting and style of the photo will be Stacie’s vision but we can work on similar poses, expressions and wardrobe styling.

Feel free to look through Stacie’s website portfolio, instagram and pinterest boards for inspiration:

Styling: Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe
Having your hair and makeup done professionally is the most essential contribution to your shoot that you can make. You would never, ever see a model or actress enter a photo shoot without being made up by a makeup artist and hair stylist. To your benefit Stacie lives in the entertainment capital of the world and she has the best hair and makeup artists available to us at rates reasonable for every woman. Not only does the makeup artist & hair stylist make you look gorgeous, it is the process of being beautified, being catered to and pampered that gets your mind and body ready for your special shoot. The decision to have a makeup artist &/or hair stylist present is ultimately yours but remember this is YOUR time to look and feel like a star. Saving a few dollars here is denying yourself part of this amazing experience.

Can I offer suggestions to the hair and makeup team?
Sure! There are some style techniques we employ on everyone, such as false eyelashes that we do for all sessions, but we are always open to your ideas. We want you to look and feel absolutely gorgeous, whether you specify the look you are going for or you leave it up to our vision for you.

Can I do my own makeup?
This is generally not a good idea. Hera Beauty is trained specifically in applying makeup and doing hair for photography. This is an absolute art. Plus they help ease you into your photoshoot by pampering you beforehand. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, now would you?

Should I get a spray tan before my session?
Please do not feel the need to do this. Spray tans do not read well on camera at all, and will cause your skin to look really orange and patchy.

What should I do before my session?
Please tend to your nails with a mani-pedi. You want to look your absolute best from head to toe. Also, be sure to touch up any hair root growth, as your roots will be visible in some images. Waxing a few days prior is also nice. Kat of Hera Beauty offers these services. Quite a few of our clients take advantage of this.

Do you provide outfits for my photo session?
We do not provide wardrobe due to the intimate and sanitary nature of lingerie but we will be happy to help you select outfits that will work well with the set background. Feel free to browse Stacie’s galleries on this website for ideas.

Do I need to show nudity in my photos?
Boudoir and Beauty sessions can be fully clothed, partially clothed, implied nude or fully nude. For the more demure, a Beauty session would be recommended.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?
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How do you pronounce the word boudoir anyway?
People say it different ways in America but Stacie and Hera Beauty pronounce it similar to how the French would say it: ‘BOODWAH’.

Any other questions we can answer for you?

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